We founded our company with a clear goal.

Put dialog with customers at the heart of our design process to satisfy their needs in design and functionality.


Sexuality is a pure and natural part of who we are. Yet with all the negative views about sex we often suppress our genuine sexual expression and get used to living with personal discomfort.

We believe that being aware of our feelings and embracing every part of ourselves is crucial to our well-being and a prerequisite for developing intimacy with others.

We want to help people to connect to their genuine sensuality in a playful and light hearted way.


We take great pride in using only technical parts that are made in European Union and materials which meet strict safety standards for both the U.S. and the E.U.

All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house to guarantee that a high level of quality is fulfilled in our manufacturing process and services.


At Eighteenplus we are committed to foster innovation in our development agenda with new processes and invention of new technologies to delight our customers with surprising high-quality products.



The idea was born

Everything started a few years ago when Eighteenplus founder and CEO had to move abroad to work on a startup project. He knew long-distance relationships are tough and was determined to find a way to maintain intimacy with his partner over a distance of 1.000 miles. Remote-control sex toys seemed like a great idea. He researched the market but he couldn’t find a device able to provide the desired level of intimacy.

A person with engineering background just couldn’t stand it. The idea was born. He decided on creating a well-engineered sex toy that can be controlled with a multi-feature app from anywhere in the world.


Product development

In 2016 we formed a team of specialists to start working on our new product. After careful research of existing solutions, we decided to start from scratch and create a brand new device that included latest technology and solutions. We started off with several different shapes and sizes and gradually kept improving the design until we found the perfect one.

At that point we made contact with world’s best suppliers that provided us with top vibration motors, exceptionally capable chips and medical-grade silicone. We hired several developers who started working on our app early on, making sure to include perfected UX with polished functions even before the release.


First prototype

After proving the concept via prototypes we made ourselves, we were ready to take the next step. We started collaborating with a local company and together developed know-how of large scale manufacturing of enclosed vibrator with wireless charging. First results were already exceptional.


Ramp up in production

The great results and reviews received allowed us to start 2018 with copious amounts of energy and good will which we directed into software development. 2018 was a year fraught with restless excitement as we ventured into the unknown. As we explored the industry and market we realized we need to develop our own infrastructure if we were to provide our customers with the level of quality and security on the software end as we are committed to in all aspects of the business.

We expanded our development team to include experts in each field required to bring you the safe foray into a new world of sensuality and love with your partner that you deserve. With modern design principles and the latest technology principles guiding our decisions we are able to provide our users with a smooth, intuitive and most importantly of all secure and safe user experience.


The future and beyond

This year we plan to expand our lineup of class leading smart sex toys and develop new and exciting ways to pleasure your partner and increase the intimacy of your relationship.