Perfect Evening

The naughtiest card game ever played

Need a tech break?

Perfect Evening is the naughtiest card game to date. It takes its players on an intimate journey and makes sure they won’t come back the same.

Starts with innocent laughing about special memories to a foreplay with naughty tasks. The game ends in wild sex full of kamasutra positions.

What's in the box?

Perfect for couples starting out or couples who need some extra kick in their bedroom.

  • Level 1 cards (20 cards)
  • Level 2 cards (20 cards)
  • Level 3 cards (20 cards)
  • Kamasutra cards (20 cards)
  • Gamechanger cards (20 cards)
Rule Book

Additional empty cards for personalised tasks - Gameplay manual - Everything neatly packed in quality tin box

*All our products are discretely packed and come in non branded envelopes - so you can keep your privacy.

Perfect Evening Feature